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Driving along the Nova da Rainha road, in the direction of Monserrate, one comes across the Fonte d'el Rei, a circular fountain, on the pinnacle of which is the coat of arms of the Castros (D. João de Castro).
Under the coat of arms is a plaque with an inscription. The Fonte da Mata d'Alba contains a striking frontal dome resting on two columns with quadrangular capitals adorned with decorative plant-life. The tank is sculptured and the
square fountain beak is lined with tiles.
It has two lateral uprights with square tiles.
The most simple of the thre fountains retains the curious name of Fonte dos Ladrões (Thieves' Fountain), as it was here that they met and colluded while their horses drank. Despite the poverty of the architecture and the undesirable patronage it attracted, what it has in its favour was the protection afforded by the remarkable stone bearing the coat of arms of Queen Maria I.
This vector illustration (from 2007), is a lithograph printed on 260 gsm "Moldilgiani Candido" card, 690x240 mm, numbered and authenticated with the Author's seal, and supplied in a cardboard carrying tube.
The reverse bears a description in Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, German and Japanese.
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