Sentir Sintra
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On one of the high outcrops of the Sintra mountain range, perched on enormous rocks, the Pena National Palace (19th century) reaches into the sky, which was commissioned by King Fernando de Saxe-Coburgo-Gotha, husband of Queen Maria II.
This unusual palace, which is a mix of several styles, was
constructed on the ruins of an old abandoned convent and results in a striking architectural design. The lithograph shows it in the old rose colour of the original convent and the yellow of the so-called new palace.
Worthy of special mention is the famous Pórtico do Tritão draw gate, under which is the entrance tunnel, which contains magnificent and spectacular sculptured stonework and window.
This vector illustration (from 2007), is a lithograph printed on 260 gsm "Moldilgiani Candido" card, 690x240 mm, numbered and authenticated with the Author's seal, and supplied in a cardboard carrying tube.
The reverse bears a description in Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, German and Japanese.
The price of each lithograph is 50.00 EUR.
They may be obtained in the shop of the place illustrated in the lithograph, at tourist offices, in souvenir shops, by e-mail or ordered from this website. Click on ADD TO CART!
Frame it with a generous passepartout and Experience Sintra as the Author experiences it...