Sentir Sintra
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Cultural Landscape of Sintra classified as World Heritage by UNESCO
Sintra is a magical place where feelings about Nature and Art co-mingle.
Sintra, inspiration of poets and prosaists, is where the history of centuries is still present.
From the summit of the Sintra Hills, with their Palaces and Convents, Sintra tumbles down to the sea and confronts the Atlantic, at the most westerly point of Europe: "where the land ends and the sea begins..."
"...the English lord, George Gordon Byron, who dedicated to this historic town the most beautiful stanzas of the first canto of "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" - "Lo, Sintra's glorious Eden intervenes / In variegated maze of mount and glen. (...)".in "Diário de Notícias", Paulo Gama, 19 April 2003.
.In all the pomp and luxury of her finery
Sintra, comely Sintra, reveals herself
To the monarch of light - as an Eastern princess
Presents herself to the royal bridegroom,
Exhaling voluptuous perfumes
From her flowing silks with which the zephyr plays.
in "Camões e D. Branca" by Almeida Garrett, Livraria Clássica Editora, Lisbon - 1943
The vista little by little vanished from sight
Where stood the mountains of our native land;
It held the dear Tagus, and the bracing range
Of Sintra, and from it our eyes receded.
Also left there we in our beloved land,
The heart, which its wounds left relinquished there;
And soon after that all became concealed,
Until we saw no more but sea and sky.
in "Os Lusíadas" de Luís de Camões, Canto V (stanza 3 - p. 169), Porto Editora, Lda. - Porto, 2nd edition.
.Ah! Cintra, blest abode,
The throne of budding spring,
Who loves thee not: and who
Can e'er forget in life
An hour passed in thy lap?
Almeida Garrett in "Expresso", 27 July 1985
But I wanted tree ferns / mossy springs, maidenhair fern / and camellia petals/ to adorn the lane / and to nibble, from time to time, /...
As for Byron, you know well / what he felt about living in Sintra:
"A glorious Eden inhabited by savage
in "Manhã Imensa" by Ruy Cinatti - Assírio e Alvim - Lisbon - 1984.
They were arriving at the outlying houses of Sintra, there was now greenery by the roadside, and the first strong, fresh breeze off the hills was blowing in their faces.
And at a walk, the brake entered under the trees of Ramalhão.
In the peace of the deepening shade, little by little a slow, lulling rustling of foliage engulfed them...
in "Os Maias" (Vol. I) by Eça de Queirós - Colecção Novis - Biblioteca Visão - Abril/Control/Jornal - Linda-a-Velha - 2000